Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Miracle pens...

Well, on Sunday I went and had a nosey at "A Maze of Miracles" which is a craft shop in Long Crendon, joined by Beth and Andrea (Jake's sister and mother for those that don't know them). Sally had recommended them and though it was a long drive for craft stuff it was well worth it. We discovered the miracle pens that are "Promarkers". These pens are really impressive - though quite expensive - as you can do pretty amazing things with them. Obviously we had to buy some and I got to have a play with them the other night and here is a picture and card I created yesterday using them... (P.S. the background was not done using the pens and I used a stamp to get the image)
Now I'm back to work, which means less time to play around with my new toys. Boo!

Hope you like them anyway... 

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Past creations...

So… since the move into our lovely new house I have been dying to get back to my crafting and start preparing for Christmas - yes, I am that sad. 

As I had a week off coming up, my lovely boyfriend came with me last weekend (as unfortunately he did not have the week off) to pick up a great crafting desk for me from the cheap and cheerful, IKEA :) This meant that I could start fishing out my crafting materials and start creating. This also got me in the mood to shop too and I ended up spending a good few hours in shops buying craft stuff :)

Whilst sorting out my desk I found my collection of cards that I have ready made and thought I should upload pictures of those first. Some of these cards are from about 2 years ago! (As you can tell as they are quite rubbish and very basic) And I never got around to sending them… Oops! Always handy to have a collection ready for any occasion… (P.S. If you happen to receive one of these cards in the near future then I made it especially for you ;) Heehee!)
  image  image  image  image  image  image  image  image
You may notice I went through a major origami phase - which I still love but am trying new things too now.

Hopefully all the stuff I upload after this collection will be an improvement.
And tomorrow I am heading off to Long Crendon to do further shopping for crafting materials so that I can get making some more cards :D - hopefully I will find some stuff to make boys card as you can probably see that I am lacking in that area.

Love you all.
C x


Hello everyone,

It is quite strange starting off a blog as I have never done one before and am not entirely sure what to write for the first message.

I decided to put this blog together, partly to archive my craft work (as I often forget the ideas I come up with) and share it with my loved ones - both here and abroad, and partly to keep my nosey family up to date with the general shenanigans that happen in my world… It may be very dull! 

Anywho, I hope you like it and let me know what you think.

C x